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    Environmental Justice

    Susan George
    03 Junio 2007
  2. Projects

    05 Julio 2015

    A list of the current active projects and programmes in the Transnational Institute

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    Environmental Justice News

    25 Enero 2007

    Environmental Justice News

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    Environmental Justice links

    15 Noviembre 2005
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    Environmental Justice Videos

    05 Junio 2008
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    Global Justice Ecology Project


    The mission of Global Justice Ecology Project, based in the US, is to build local, national and international alliances with action to address the common root causes of social injustice, economic domination and environmental destruction.

  7. Is there a Global Environmental Justice Movement?

    • Joan Martinez‐Alier, Leah Temper, Daniela Del Bene, Arnim Scheidel
    04 Febrero 2016

    Changes in the economy economy in terms of growing flows of energy and materials are leading to the existence of a rural and urban global movement for environmental justice.  And not only complaints, there are also many successful examples of stopping projects and developing alternatives.

  8. Building Solidarities for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

    27 Octubre 2016

    The economic and political rise of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has far-reaching implications for global agrarian transformation as key sites of production, circulation and consumption of agricultural commodities.

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    Manmohan Attacks Environmental Protection

    Praful Bidwai
    03 Octubre 2010

    Despite what the government may say about tackling climate change, Indian PM Singh looks set to encourage even less environmental regulation, putting India and the climate at greater risk for the sake of industry.

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    Case Against Nagpur Airport Project

    Praful Bidwai
    14 Febrero 2008
  11. New Biofuel Project in Isabela

    Jennifer Franco, Danny Carranza, Joann Fernandez (Rightsnet)
    07 Octubre 2011

    A Philippines biofuel project would appear to fit the World Bank's definition of a "win-win" scenario with its promise of jobs and conversion of 'idle land'. However a closer look unveils corporate manipulation, political corruption and exploitation of subsistence farmers that typically accompanies so-called "responsible investment"

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    International Climate Justice Tribunal

    13 Octubre 2009 - Evento
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    Climate Justice Conference

    12 Julio 2008 - Evento
  15. About Agrarian Justice

    30 Enero 2010

    TNI’s Agrarian Justice project brings together research and analysis on the collective struggles of rural working people to democratise access, ownership, and control of land, water and other natural resources. It works closely in alliance with local, national and global alliances of small-scale farmers, fisherfolk and marginalised rural working people.

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    Justice Matters - Jenny Franco

    14 Febrero 2013

    Jenny Franco of our Agrarian Justice team talks about the injustices her team tries to overcome through rigorous analyses and presenting alternatives.

  17. Social justice at bay

    • Maarten Bakker, Satoko Kishimoto, Christa Nooy
    21 Abril 2017

    Projects protecting Jakarta against floods are likely to damage the environment and could threaten the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. The Dutch government, supporting these projects, should question how it balances its interest in supporting Dutch companies with its stated policies of sustainable and inclusive development.