Audio: Farmers speak out to defend land sovereignty

13 အောက်တိုဘာလ 2011

Social movement representatives are in Rome this week for the final UN negotiations to adopt voluntary guidelines that would regulate the use and possession of land and other natural resources.

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Radio Mundo Real

From 10-14 October, 2011 social movement representatives will be in Rome for final negotiations on the adoption of voluntary guidelines that regulate the use and possession of land and other natural resources. TNI supported Ignacio Cirio of Real World Radio who has covered the event to shed light on the situation facing communities around the world, who are resisting land grabbing and the privatization of the natural commons.

Young Farmers Have a Say
Is a future without youth in the countryside conceivable? The growing urbanization of the youngest sectors of society shows how life in rural areas has become increasingly difficult for young peasants as a result of agribusiness and massive land grabbing. >Download audio clip

Dakar closer to Rome
On Tuesday 11 October, as the inter-governmental talks with civil society representatives were resumed, the “Dakar Appeal” against the land grab was read by a Senegalese delegate. >Download audio clip

Word by Word
Jeanne Verlinden, representative of La Via Campesina, explains the main themes addressed by the FAO Guidelines on land tenure and the use of other natural resources. >Download audio clip

Enforcing the Changes
Real World Radio interviewed Claudia Carcamo of Honduras and Luis Alonso Moran of El Salvador on their expectations for the Guidelines on land tenure and the potential effects on the peasant and indigenous population. >Download audio clip

No Water Today, No Food Tomorrow
Ugandan fisher woman Rehema Bavuma Namaganda from the World Forum of Fish Harvesters ando Fish Workers (WFF), is part of the international delegation that is working to ensure the permanence of fisherfolks in their original land. >Download audio clip

Resisting neoliberalism 519 Years Later
The representative of indigenous peoples of the Americas said in Tuesday’s demonstration outside the FAO headquarters that  519 years after the European colonization in America, the communities are still unprotected in their rights to land. >Download the clip


Photo by Archivo de proyectos.