The Multiple Crisis and Beyond

11 မေလ 2010

Global finance is only one facet of multiple crises facing human civilization - crises over food, water, climate, energy as well as the global economy urgently need to be addressed. So far, neoliberal responses of governments have been to tackle finance alone - by replacing a banker or by pumping money into the system. But it is the system itself - that is in crisis.

In this special edition of Globalizations, François Houtart outlines the interlinked but different elements of the multiple crises we face, and makes radical suggestions for moving beyond the current state of affairs - through addressing all together.

Globalizations, 7:1, 9 - 15.
Number of pages: 8

FrancoisHoutart_Globalizs_special.pdf(pdf, 140.3 ကီလိုဘိုက်)