World Social Forum 2013

25 မတ်လ 2013

The Arab Spring, initiated in Tunis in 2011, continues to inspire movements for resistance and alternatives across the world. This is why Tunis is chosen as the site for the World Social Forum (WSF) 2013. This year's WSF is organized in the framework of people’s ‘Dignity’ and will take place from March 25-30, 2013. According to the Preparatory Committee, 30 000 are expected to participate in the Opening March. More than 4,500 organisations and 20,000 participants from 127 countries have registered.

The Transnational Institute is co-organising several activities on some of our priority programme themes.



Water Justice Day in Tunis

Monday - 25 March, 1 - 7pm. Location: Université de Tunis, Blvd du 9 Avril (room to be confirmed)


Roundtable: Water as a commons and a human right

Wednesday - 27 March, 1 - 3:30pm. Location: P19

Friday - 29 March, 1-3:30pm. Location: AP2 at the Climate Space

The programme and more details are here.


Confronting the Power of Transnational Corporations & Unpacking the Global Investment, Trade and Financial Regimes

Thursday - 28 March, 1 - 3:30pm. Location: room AM2)

Flyer Dismantling Corporate Power (pdf, EN)

Flyer Desmantelear el Poder Corporativo (pdf, ES)

Follow the Livestream here.

Co-organized by the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity; Seattle-to-Brussels Network, G20-OWINFS Network, Network for Justice on Global Investment, World March of Women, La Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth International (FOEI), Transnational Institute (TNI), Focus on the Global South (Thailand-Philippines-India), Alliance for Progressive Labor – APL (Philippines), Polaris Institute (Canada), Attac France, Ecologistas en Acción (Spain), Engineering without Borders (Catalonia), War on Want (UK), Equit Institute (Brazil), Alternative Information & Development Center – AIDC (South Africa), People’s Dialogue, Economic Justice Network of FOCISSA (South Africa), Tax Justice Africa (Kenya), Biowatch (South Africa), Plataforma Auditoría Ciudadana de la Deuda (Spain), Alyansa Tigil Mina – ATM (Philippines).



Migrations and Climate Change

Thursday - 28 March, 9 - 11:30am. Location: P13, Climate Space

This workshop looks at the intersection of climate and migration, and current trade and investment policies as causes, effects and impacts on migrant and home communities, with perspectives of migrant movements in Maghreb, South America, West Africa, Europe and other regions.

Find more information here


Strengthening the People's Resistance to Free Trade and Corporate power - On the Road to System Change

Friday - 29 March, 9 - 11:30am Location: AP2, Climate Space

A Forum and Strategy Session on Challenging FTAs, the WTO and the Power of TNCs.

More information here.



For Economic Democracy: Put the Banks at Service of the Peoples

Friday - 29 March, 9 - 11:30am. Location: M212

Co-organised with Alter Summit and Attac Europe


Other activities organized by the Alter Summit in the WSF:

  • Women's Resistances to Debt in the South and the North
  • Decent Income for All: No to Precariousness, No to Poverty
  • Liberate the Peoples of the South and North from Debt Enslavement
  • Europe: Destroy austerity before austerity destroys democracy

The Alter Summit will present its proposals for the building of more convergence between movements opposed to the current anti-social and anti-ecological policies promoted by European governments and institutions. This Forum will present the programme being prepared for the holding of the Alter Summit in Athens (June 7-9).



Seeking the collaboration between the traditional social actors and he new grass-roots movements, TNI closely follows the activities organized by Global Square

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, Student Movements, Yo Soy 132!, Tharek, Idle No More!, VIA22 as well as other movements.

The main contribution of global Square in the WSF is the organization of open assemblies where everyone has its place to speak up.

Open assemblies of the movements from the squares

Wednesday - 27 March, 4 - 6:30pm.

Thursday - 28 March, 4 - 6.30pm.

Friday - 29 March, 1 - 3pm.

Find here more information about GlobalSquare