Lisbon Treaty and new EC competence over investment

12 မေလ 2010 - Event
12 မေလ 2010


Manuel Perez Rocha, Mr. Jean François Brakeland, Mr. John Hillary

With the Lisbon Treaty coming into effect the European Commission will have exclusive competence over EU investment policies. As a result the EU will need to develop a model EU investment agreement. This moment provides a good opportunity to assess current investment policies through bilateral investment treaties (BITs) of the EU member states, or enshrined in investment chapters in EU Free Trade Agreements.

According to the EC, European investors are discriminated vis-à-vis their foreign competitors and the European Commission is losing market shares. Does the EU Commission seek to create a NAFTA-like arrangement with its new competence on investment? Is it seeking a super model BIT? How should an European Investment policy look like?

This event is part of 'Debating Europe', a debate series organised in Brussels by the Transnational Institute with policy makers, MEPs and representatives of Civil Society.

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- Mr. Jean François Brakeland, Head of Unit on Investment DG TRADE
- Mr. John Hillary, Director of War on Want (UK)
- Mr Manuel Perez Rocha, Director of the Investment and NAFTA Programme of the Institute for Policy Studies, Mexico/Washington.