Addressing Europe’s Drug Problem: Combating Drug Trafficking and Substance Misuse

28 အောက်တိုဘာလ 2015

This International Symposium provides a timely opportunity for practitioners and stakeholders across Europe to discuss the latest challenges and consider the next steps needed to win the fight against illicit drug trafficking and substance misuse through holistic, multi-level and cross-border approaches. Public Policy Exchange welcomes the participation of all key partners, responsible authorities and stakeholders. The Symposium will support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate.

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28 အောက်တိုဘာလ 2015
10.00am - 4.30pm
Thon Hotel City Centre, Brussels

Delegates will:

  • Assess the current EU framework on illicit drugs and new psychoactive substances
  • Discuss law enforcement measures promoted at EU level to fight against drug trafficking  
  • Evaluate treatment and harm reduction measures as well as prevention strategies to reduce drug consumption
  • Share alternative approaches to fight substance misuse and drug trafficking  

Key Speakers:

  • Per Johansson, Secretary of the Board, WFAD
  • Fay Watson, Secretary General, EURAD / Western European Representative, Civil Society Taskforce, UNGASS 2016
  • Tom Blickman, Senior Policy Researcher, TNI
  • Jamie Bridge, Senior Policy and Operations Manager, International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)
  • Simone Korff, Project Coordinator ERANID (The Netherlands)
  • Aziz Naji, Programme Manager, DG Research programmes, Belspo
  • Matthew Scott, Director, Tonic Consultants

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