The drug war in the Myanmar's mountains

06 နိုဝင်ဘာလ 2015
In the media

IRIN - The reasons behind Myanmar’s six decades of ethnic warfare are many and varied, but General “Robert” Ar Nyun can tell you in a word why his group began fighting the government four years ago: drugs.

Tom Kramer of the Netherlands-based Transnational Institute said he has interviewed poppy farmers in TNLA areas who were unhappy that the group was destroying their crops. And he said many villagers in areas under Kyaw Myint’s control verified that his militia is involved in drug production.

Kramer said opium and heroin production also happens in areas under the control of militias commanded by Mahtu Naw and Ti Khun Myat. “Clearly, they have a lot of involvement in the drug trade,” he said.


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