Solidairty Mission Honduran activists to Europe

19 ဧပြီလ 2016

COPINH, together with EU based NGOs, demands that following the murder of Berta Cáceres after years of violence and intimidation in relation to the Agua Zarca project, international companies and financiers, specifically FMO, Finnfund, CABEI and Voith Hydro (Siemens/Voith), immediately withdraw all support and funding from the Agua Zarca project, and end any ongoing or prospective involvement in any other project impacting the indigenous Lenca in Honduras.

19 ဧပြီလ 2016 to 05 မေလ 2016

From April 19 to May 5 a delegation of four Indigenous Lenca activists from Honduras will be visiting five European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Spain) to engage with policy makers and NGOs, join national protests at financiers and talk to the media and general public about repression and impunity in their country. They will be coming to Europe in order to denounce the murder of Indigenous and human rights leader Berta Caceres, call on Dutch development bank FMO and Finland- based FinnFund to withdraw from the Agua Zarca project, and call on the EU to suspend funding to Honduras, given the ongoing persecution and murders of members of environmental and human rights organisations.

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Brussels: April 18-21

Contact person:
Program Wednesday, April 20th, 12.30-1.15 PM

  • Manifestation at Honduran embassy, Etterbeek, 1040 Etterbeek
  • Hearing in the European Parliament on the role of EU financiers in relation to landgrabbing companies: 3-5 PM, Location: European Parliament, (please note you need to register to attend, contact
  • Public evening with Brussels based NGO and activists: 6.30-8 PM, Location: Mundo B, Rue D'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels, Belgium


Netherlands: April 20-25

Contact person: Johan Frijns:
Program: Friday April 22nd,: 2 PM

  • Demonstration outside FMO ; Friday April 22nd. In front of FMO headquarters, Anna van Saksenlaan 71, 2593 HW Den Haag

Monday April 25th 8PM:

  • Public debate: Honduras in focus: The struggle of human rights defenders. Studio/K, Timorplein 62, 1094 CC Amsterdam, Netherlands


Finland: April 26th, May 1st

Contact person:
Program: Wednesday, 27th of April, 9-10 AM:

  • Press conference at Seurakuntientalo, Kolmas linja 22, 00530 Helsinki
  • 10-1 PM: Helsinki University Social Forum Dialogue in Cooperation with the World Politics and the Development Studies at Seurakuntientalo, Kolmas linja 22, 00530 Helsinki

28th of April Thursday

  • 10.00-1200 Meeting with parliamentarians and Foreign ministry, academics at the Faculty of Political Science hall - open to media.
  • Meetings with minister Toivakka? - eg. Foreign ministry joint department meeting, responsable for owner governance
  • 16.00 The Thee Smith -statue in central Helsinki - demonstrations and info leaflets to public. Photos to international actors in this well recognizeble spot Janne Sykkö coordinates
  • 17.00 The Memorial Service for Berta Cáseres and other defenders? hosted by her excellency the Ambassador of Venezuela including a get together in the congregation space in order to share


Germany: May 2nd-5th

Contact person:
Program: Berlin May 2nd

  • Lunch Talk, Where?

Munich May 3rd, 7-9 PM

  • Public evening with NGO and Acitivists, Location: Eine Welt Haus Where?


Spain: May 2-May 6

Contact person: Aljendro
Program: Tuesday, 3rd of March 18.30-20.30

Wednesday, May 4th

  • Action in front of Siemens, Valencia

Thursday, May 5th

  • Presentation of a prize, awarded posthumously to Berta Cáceres Flores, will be accepted by Bertha's daughter at the movie festival in Zaragoza