Feeding the Few

Corporate Control of Food
13 ဇွန်လ 2008
  • 0-89758-010-9

Available as a paperback in the Susan George Classics boxed set.

This study is a contribution to the Transnational Institute's International Economic Order Project directed by Howard M. Wachtel. It is an attempt to place issues concerning food and agricultural commodities in the context of changing world economic relationships. The first part deals with what the Third World is asking for; the second with what, in my view, it is actually getting. As one discussion after another on agricultural raw materials ends in stalemate, new kinds of food systems are meanwhile introduced in underdeveloped countries by powerful nations of the North, led by the USA. The study is intended, however, less to provide answers than to suggest a critical perspective and perhaps some new tools for analysis of the ongoing takeover of Third World food systems, designed in the image of the developed countries for their benefit.