Revolutionary Rehearsals: Rhythms of Resistance in North Africa

24 ဇွန်လ 2021

Join our third webinar Revolutionary Rehearsals: Rhythms of Resistance in North Africa. Thursday 24 June 18:00 CET. This episode will take a closer look at Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Western Sahara with the in-depth expertise of our speakers.

24 ဇွန်လ 2021
18:00 CET

In the last decade, the North African region has witnessed momentous events from social justice struggles and mobilisations to massive uprisings and revolutions. The region is still a cauldron of resistance advancing demands of dignity, bread, social justice, freedom and sovereignty.

this 3rd webinar in the series ‘the Arab uprisings a decade on: Taking stock, Looking forward’, we will cover some of the second wave uprisings (2018-2021) in Algeria and Sudan and highlight some of the social and political struggles in Morocco in the last decade. We will also centre the decolonisation struggle of Western Sahara.


  • Malia Bouattia is an Algerian activist, the former President of the UK National Union of Students, and a co-founder of the Students not Suspects/Educators not Informants Network.

  • Sara Abbas is a Sudanese activist, feminist and political scientist. She is a PhD candidate at the Freie Universität Berlin.

  • Jalihenna Mohamed is a Saharawi activist and campaigner. He is the co-founder of Saharawi Campaign Against the Plunder of Natural Resources (SCAP).

  • Meriam Mabrouk is a Moroccan activist and translator. She is a PhD candidate in Politics at Birkbeck, University of London

Conversation will be moderated by Miriyam Aouragh & Hamza Hamouchene

Co-organised with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – North Africa and Seminar in Marxist Theory Group. In English with Arabic interpretation.