Corrections and complaints

At TNI, we have high standards for our research and our publications. Nevertheless, we may make mistakes. TNI is committed to correcting errors and addressing complaints as soon as possible.


If it is a simple factual error, please email citing the URL (web address or PDF) that contains the error and the page and/or paragraph number in which the error can be found. If you can do so, please provide evidence of why it is an error as that will also facilitate our ability to correct it promptly. We will publish any significant corrections on the original post.


If you want to lodge an official complaint about something TNI has published, said or done, please put your complaint in writing and email it to or send it to TNI, P.O. Box 14656, 1001 LD Amsterdam. Within 2 weeks, you will receive a confirmation that we received your complaint. You will also be informed as to how we will deal with your complaint. Within 4 further weeks, you will receive our response to your complaint. This will be done by the head of the relevant unit. If we are not able to respond in a timely manner to your complaint -- due to the complexity of the complaint or for other reasons- -- we will inform you of the reason within those four weeks and give an indication as to how long we expect we need to address the complaint satisfactorily.


If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can address the complaint to the Director of TNI. The same process will apply except that you will receive confirmation of receipt within one week, and a response within two weeks. If you are still not satisfied, there is a third level to which you may appeal: the Chairperson of the Board of TNI. Thereafter, in very serious cases, independent arbitration may be considered where the allocation of costs to the respective parties will be a subject of the arbitration. If arbitration is agreed then the arbiter’s decision will be final. If arbitration is not agreed, then the aggrieved party may consider pursuing legal action. TNI will make every effort to ensure that the grievance is satisfactorily resolved without a need for litigation.

Possible outcomes of the complaint:

We will make every reasonable effort to correct the error or resolve the grievance as soon as possible.