All for one and one for all

Todas para una y una para todas: La experiencia de una acuerdo comunitario
04 February 2014

An inspiring story of how women in a poor neighbourhood of Cochabamba, Bolivia used partnership and collaboration to provide water services when state, local governments and the private sector failed to deliver.

This video shows how women from one of the poorest and least-serviced neighbourhoods of Cochabamba (Bolivia), have organized themselves to acquire and distribute water and sewer services. It shows the power of solidarity, determination and cooperation among neighbours and water committees when State and local governments have failed them.

Successful experiments, such as these, involving new types of support and cooperation in water management are underway in Latin America. They are called public-community agreements and supported by the framework of Platform for public community partnerships in Americas (PAPC). These exchanges allow different stakeholders or parties to share their technical, administrative, technological knowledge and experience and thereby mutually enrich and strengthen their work. These public-community agreements are strictly non-profit.

PAPC produced this video 'All of One and One for All’ to highlight partnerships among water committee (community water operator in Bolivia) and community organizations (San Miguel Km 4 water committee and Habitat for Women in the Auxilidadora Community).

Platform for public community partnerships in Americas (PAPC) is an association of social and labor organisations, public institutions, public utilities and community water systems that works toward the defense and strengthening of public and community water management to preclude the privatization and commercialization of water. Born under the Red VIDA (Inter-American Network for the Defense of the Right to Water) mandate, the PAPC is promoting agreements of cooperation between public and community water systems in the Americas.

Spanish spoken with English subtitles