Joint letter to MEPs on the EU-Peru/Colombia FTA

Joint letter to MEPs on behalf of ETUC, TUCA, ITUC and CGU about the European Union Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru, 22 February 2012.
19 ဧပြီလ 2012

As a result of continuing violence in Colombia and violation of human and labour rights, and the weakening of the Andean Community through individual EU trade agreements rather than bloc-to-bloc relations, the ETUC and TUCA call for legislators to oppose the EU-Colombia/Peru FTA. We reaffirm our joint statement in 2011 calling for a vote against the FTA on these grounds.


European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA), International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Council of Global Unions (CGU)

Read the full letter here(pdf, 347.57 ကီလိုဘိုက်)