Climate change, energy security and arms trade

25 ဧပြီလ 2013
In the media

While it is increasingly clear that climate change is an irreversible processes that will hit people and the environment hard, the defence industry sees new profit opportunities.


"I think climate change is a real opportunity for the aerospace and defense industry," said Lord Drayson, then British Minister of State for Strategic Defence Acquisition Reform, in 2009. New markets are emerging.

The consequences of climate change and the associated changes in the armed forces are good news for the defence industry: the demand for weapons in the context of securing access to oil will increase, as will the demand for 'green' weapons, and arms companies are entering the new energy and environmental markets, mostly with technologies from the military circuit.

This piece is based on a chapter for a forthcoming book on climate change and security by the Transnational Institute (TNI)

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