Uruguay poised to legalize marijuana: Is this the right way forward?

02 သြဂုတ်လ 2013
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'It is "definitely not the same as liberalising the market." This," he continued, "is a very strictly controlled regulation model, it doesn't increase access to cannabis, but instead restricts it."

(Vatican Radio) Uruguay is poised to become the first nation in the world to create a legal, regulated marijuana market. .. but is this the right way forward? Supporters of the bill say the global military war on illegal drugs has been a costly and bloody failure while critics warn that marijuana is a gateway to hard drugs and Pope Francis during his visit to Brazil last week expressed his concern over moves in some Latin American countries to liberalize drug laws.

Martin Jelsma is a leading expert on Latin America and international drugs policies. He told Vatican Radio's Susy Hodges that he's in favour of the new law in Uruguay and says it is not intended to liberalize the cannabis market but instead regulate it.

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