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  1. Agrarian climate justice: Imperative and opportunity

    • Jun Borras, Jennifer Franco
    21 ဖေဖေါ်ဝါရီလ 2018

    Global pressure on land and natural resources is mounting, with mainstream narratives about climate change often intensifying pressure to replace so-called "inefficient" users of land, including small farmers and pastoralists with market-based dynamics and actors. This dynamic makes the pursuit of socially just land policy ever more important and urgent, while at the same time creating new challenges. The fundamental connections and tensions between agrarian and climate justice must be reckoned with, and movements on both sides must deepen their understanding.

  2. Sacrifice zones in rural and non-metro USA: fertile soil for authoritarian populism

    Marc Edelman
    21 ဖေဖေါ်ဝါရီလ 2018

    Sacrifice zones – abandoned, economically shattered places – are spreading in historically white rural areas and small towns across the United States. Rural decline fosters regressive authoritarian politics.

  3. ERPI 2018 Conference: "Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World"

    17 မတ်လ 2018

    Understanding 'rural' authoritarian populism

    The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) focuses on understanding the rise of 'authoritarian populism' in rural settings across the world, as well as the forms of resistance occurring and the alternatives being built. New exclusionary politics are generating deepening inequalities, jobless 'growth', climate chaos, and social division. The ERPI is focused on the social and political processes in rural spaces that are generating alternatives to regressive, authoritarian politics. We aim to provoke debate and action among scholars, activists, practitioners and policymakers from across the world who are concerned about the current situation, and hopeful about alternatives.

  4. Why #DefendAfrin? Confronting authoritarian populism with radical democracy

    Amber Huff, Salima Tasdemir, Patrick Huff
    12 ဖေဖေါ်ဝါရီလ 2018

    The war in Afrin starkly highlights how the dynamics of power and resource grabs by the US, Russia, and their regional alliances, have shaped contemporary struggles for life and democracy.

  5. Photo credit: Valentina Micheli - https://www.flickr.com/photos/valemic/

    Tourism and Land Grabbing in Bali

    • Ruben Rosenberg Colorni
    09 ဖေဖေါ်ဝါရီလ 2018

    The island of Bali is home to a rich and unique system of agriculture, based around traditional water management systems developed over the last 1200 years. However, growing pressure from the expansion of the tourist trade as well as the effects of climate change are putting these systems at risk. Farmers are fighting to preserve their livelihoods and maintain a base for local food sovereignty in Bali, but significant changes to policy and practice are needed to protect their rights to land, water, and seed.

  6. Hindu authoritarianism and agrarian distress

    Achin Vanaik
    07 ဖေဖေါ်ဝါရီလ 2018

    To defeat populist-nationalist forms of communal authoritarianism in India, we have to fight against more than just communalism.

  7. Confronting authoritarian populism: the rural dimension

    Ian Scoones, Jun Borras, Lyda Fernanda Forero, Ruth Hall, Marc Edelman, Wendy Wolford, Benjamin White
    31 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    Religion, gender dynamics, place and cultural identity – all inform rising authoritarian populism in rural areas, alongside class interests and inequalities. Mobilising alternatives to capture by regressive political forces is not straightforward.

  8. ျမန္မာ့မ်က္ေမွာက္ေရးရာက႑

    29 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    TNI ၏ ျမန္မာ့မ်က္ေမွာက္ေရးရာစီမံကိန္းသည္ အားလံုးပါ၀င္၍ အဓြန္႔ရွည္တည္တံ့ခိုင္ၿမဲသည့္ ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရး ျဖစ္ ထြန္းလာေစရန္ လုပ္ကိုင္ေဆာင္ရြက္ရင္း တစ္ရွိန္ထိုးတံခါးပြင့္လာသည့္ ႏိုင္ငံတစ္ရပ္အေနျဖင့္ ရင္ဆိုင္ႀကံဳေတြ႔ လာရႏိုင္သည့္ စိန္ေခၚမႈမ်ားကို ကိုင္တြယ္ေျဖရွင္းႏိုင္ေစရန္ အရပ္ဖက္လူမႈအဖြဲ႔အစည္းမ်ား(တိုင္းရင္းသား)ႏွင့္ ႏိုင္ငံေရးအဖြဲ႔အစည္းမ်ားကို အားေပးအားေျမွာက္ျပဳလ်က္ရွိသည္။ TNI အေနျဖင့္ အဖြဲ႔အစည္းတစ္ရပ္လံုး၏ လယ္ယာ ဥယ်ာဥ္ျခံေျမ တရားမွ်တေရး၊ အျခားနည္းျဖင့္ ေျပာင္းလဲဖြံ႔ၿဖိဳးတိုးတက္ေရးႏွင့္ လူသားဆန္သည့္ မူး ယစ္ေဆး၀ါးမူ၀ါဒမ်ားကို အတူတကြေပါင္းစပ္ထားသည့္ အစီအစဥ္အားျဖင့္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ တိုင္းရင္းသားနယ္ေျမ ေဒသမ်ားႏွင့္ ပတ္သက္၍ အထူးတလည္ နားလည္ကၽြမ္းက်င္လာေစရန္ အစဥ္အဆက္ ႀကိဳးပမ္းတည္ေဆာက္ လာခဲ့သည္။

  9. Will 'climate smart agriculture' serve the public interest - or the drive for growing profits for private corporations?

    Zoe Brent, Jennifer Clapp, Peter Newell
    24 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    'Climate smart agriculture' has become the buzz phrase at high level international policy discussions.  Will it be the latest manifestation of greenwashing of  unsustainable industrial agriculture or the basis for developing real, grassroots-led, resilient food systems?

  10. Nonhle Mbuthuma

    Land is the only thing we have - for us and for future generations

    17 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    Nonhle Mbuthuma talks about the resilience of her people in Pondoland, fighting for their land and livelihoods against corporate mining interests.

  11. Marching forward

    Bertha Zuniga Caceres, Medha Patkar, Nonhle Mbuthuma
    11 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    To introduce TNI’s State of Power 2018 report on counter-power, we interviewed three women activists who have displayed incredible courage, determination and creativity to confront corporate power and state violence.

  12. ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ ေျမအသံုးခ်မူ၀ါဒ

    10 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံရွိ ေက်းလက္ေနလူထုလူတန္းစားမ်ား၏ လူမႈေရး၊ စီးပြားေရးႏွင့္ ယဥ္ေက်းမႈ ကံၾကမၼာမ်ား သည္ ၎တို႔၏ ေျမႏွင့္ သယံဇာတအရင္းအျမစ္မ်ားႏွင့္ နက္နက္ရိႈင္းရိႈင္း ဆက္ႏြယ္ပတ္သက္လ်က္ရွိ သည္။ သို႔ေသာ္လည္း တြင္းထြက္သယံဇာတတူးေဖာ္ေရးႏွင့္ ဧရာမအေျခခံအေဆာက္အအံု စီမံကိန္း မ်ားအေပၚ အၿမဲတမ္းစိတ္၀င္စားမႈ ႀကီးမားလြန္းလွသည့္ စီးပြားေရးဆိုင္ရာ အက်ိဳးစီးပြားမ်ားက ႏိုင္ငံ တြင္း ေဒသေတာ္ေတာ္မ်ားမ်ား၌ လက္နက္ကိုင္ပဋိပကၡ၏ ျခိမ္းေျခာက္မႈဒဏ္ခံေနရသည့္ ရြာသူရြာသား မ်ားကို ထပ္မံေနရပ္စြန္႔ခြာရေစသည့္ ရလဒ္မ်ိဳးကို ထြက္ေပၚလာေစသည့္ ဥပမာ ေျမယာသိမ္းဆည္းမႈ ကဲ့သို႔ေသာ စီမံခ်က္မ်ား ခ်မွတ္က်င့္သံုးမႈဆီသို႔ ဦးတည္သြားေစလ်က္ရွိသည္။ သို႔ျဖစ္၍ TNI အေနျဖင့္ ေက်းလက္ေနလူထုလူတန္းစားမ်ား၏ ေျမ၊ ေရ၊ သစ္ေတာႏွင့္ သားငါးရယူအသံုးခ်ပိုင္ခြင့္ အခြင့္အေရး ကို ဦးစားေပးသည့္ မူ၀ါဒမ်ားကို အားေပးအားေျမွာက္ျပဳသည့္ ျပည္တြင္းလႈပ္ရွားမႈမ်ားႏွင့္ လက္တြဲ၍ ထဲထဲ၀င္၀င္ လုပ္ကိုင္ေဆာင္ရြက္လ်က္ရွိသည္။

  13. Defying Dystopia: Building the climate future we need

    Nick Buxton
    09 ဇန်နဝါရီလ 2018

    To counter the injustice of climate change, we must oppose the disempowering visions of the future laid out for us by military planners and Malthusians alike.