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  1. This ban is a modern-day witch hunt

    Berna Toprak , Nawal Mustafa
    13 သြဂုတ်လ 2019

    By banning the burka, the Dutch state is imposing its own view of what is right for Muslim women, write Berna Toprak and Nawal Mustafa on behalf of S.P.E.A.K. The feminist principle of women’s autonomy over their own bodies is now at risk.

  2. Transformation of an Entrenched Political System: The Need for International Responsibility in Myanmar

    Lahpai Seng Raw
    12 သြဂုတ်လ 2019

    Political impasse continues in Myanmar. Peace talks and general elections have failed to achieve national breakthroughs. All parties — both domestic and international — need to reflect on this failure. Civil society networks and representative governance must be strengthened at the community level if peace and democracy are to be built.

  3. Circuit board [Pixabay CC image]

    Call for essays: Technology, power and emancipation

    10 သြဂုတ်လ 2019

    How do we recover the emancipatory potential of technological change and bring it back under popular democratic control? TNI is issuing a call for contributions for our Future Lab essay series.

  4. Dit verbod is een moderne heksenjacht

    Berna Toprak , Nawal Mustafa
    02 သြဂုတ်လ 2019

    Met het boerkaverbod gaat de staat vrouwen voorschrijven wat goed voor hen is, schrijven Berna Toprak en Nawal Mustafa namens S.P.E.A.K., het feministische ‘baas over eigen lijf’ komt onder druk te staan.

  5. Ciudades Transformadoras presenta la segunda edición del Atlas de utopías

    23 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    Este mes se ha presentado la edición del Atlas de utopías correspondiente a 2019. Fruto de la labor de la iniciativa Ciudades Transformadoras, el Atlas ofrece una recopilación singular de experiencias transformadoras dirigidas por las comunidades en los ámbitos del agua, la energía, la alimentación y la vivienda. Este año, se presentan 33 historias de 24 países.

  6. Transformative Cities presents the 2nd edition of the Atlas of Utopias

    23 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    This month the 2019 edition of the Atlas of Utopias has been launched. An initiative by Transformative Cities, the atlas is a unique collection of community-led transformations of water, energy, food and housing systems, featuring 33 stories from 24 countries.

  7. The Energy Charter Treaty:  a tool to combat climate change or an obstacle to the energy transition?

    04 စက်တင်ဘာလ 2019 - Event

    This debate will bring together international experts, policy-makers, trade and climate campaigners to discuss the potential threats and benefits of the Energy Charter Treaty.

  8. Biopolitical peacebuilding with Seán Brennan

    14 သြဂုတ်လ 2019 - Event

    In drawing on core peace theorists and Michel Foucault, Seán Brennan has suggested a focus on biopolitics can innovate human agency to deliver the services required to regenerate communities emerging from violent conflict, by taking ownership of existing policies and resources and creating sustainable regeneration programmes that deliver basic human needs to marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

  9. What kind of security policy better serves democracy?

    Ben Hayes, Cori Crider, Narzanin Massoumi, Daniel Holder
    15 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    What type of security policy at home and abroad do we need to make our democracies fit for purpose? A key panel discussion for our times.

  10. Think Global Drink Local: Pub Quiz #5

    31 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019 - Event

    An exciting 5th edition of the Think Global Drink Local Pub Quiz, at the beautiful Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater.

  11. La democracia no está en venta

    • Stephan Backes , Jenny Gkiougki, Sylvia Kay, Charalampos Konstantinidis, Emily Mattheisen, Christina Sakali, Eirini Tzekou, Leonidas Vatikiotis, Pietje Vervest
    05 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    Las medidas de austeridad en Grecia han incrementado la pobreza rural y la inseguridad alimentaria, vulnerando el derecho humano al alimento de su población. ¿Cómo ocurrió esto y quiénes son las personas responsables?

  12. If War Breaks Out with Iran, It Won’t Be an Accident

    Phyllis Bennis
    03 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    A range of U.S. policies have been deliberately designed to provoke an Iranian response.

  13. UN and WEF Sign MOU on Strategic Partnership Framework

    UN signs deal with Davos that threatens democratic principles

    Harris Gleckman
    03 ဇူလိုင်လ 2019

    A global corporate and government marriage took place last week – and governments and citizens were not even invited as guests.

  14. Chronology on the Statue Case in Loikaw, Kayah State

    28 ဇွန်လ 2019

    In this commentary, the Union of Karenni State Youth and LAIN Technical Support Group provide a chronology of events, outlining how arrests and the government’s handling of events have compounded rather than resolved political frustrations and inter-community understandings.

  15. The Promise and The Statue

    28 ဇွန်လ 2019

    The construction of an Aung San statue has caused deep controversy in Kayah State during the past year. Dee De is a member of the Karenni State Farmers Union and Union of Karenni State Youth. He was arrested on 21 June, Karenni National Day, for his involvement in protests. In his commentary, Dee De argues why the construction of the statue is premature and a sensitive issue for the Karenni and other ethnic nationality peoples at this time.

  16. Transnational Institute’s Drugs & Democracy Programme Team

    Día Mundial de las Drogas 2019

    26 ဇွန်လ 2019

    Hoy se conmemora el Día Internacional de la Lucha contra el Uso Indebido y el Tráfico Ilícito de Drogas de las Naciones Unidas. El origen de este día internacional se encuentra en la estructura institucional del sistema mundial de fiscalización de drogas, que lleva cinco décadas funcionando como mecanismo para regular, controlar o prohibir el uso y la distribución de más de 300 sustancias psicoactivas.

  17. Transnational Institute’s Drugs & Democracy Programme Team

    World Drug Day 2019

    26 ဇွန်လ 2019

    Today marks the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Its origin can be traced back to the institutional architecture of the global drug control system which for the last five decades has served as a mechanism that regulates, controls, or prohibits the use and distribution of more than 300 psychoactive substances.

  18. Public Finance for the Future We Want

    24 ဇွန်လ 2019

    The real-world examples in this book demonstrate that a political economy that curbs the power of big finance and serves people and planet is possible. The ideas shared here are timely and urgent—a call to readiness before the next financial bubble bursts.

  19. Red Carpet Courts

    • Lora Verheecke, Pia Eberhardt, Cecilia Olivet, Sam Cossar-Gilbert
    24 ဇွန်လ 2019

    Multi-billion dollar lawsuits bleeding cash-strapped nations, corporations reversing victories by environmental defenders and dazzling financial rewards for investors who perpetrated human rights abuses. Ten investor-state lawsuits which have been filed, threatened or decided since 2015, from all over the globe (in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America), demonstrate that ISDS is again and again used as a corporate weapon against the public interest. This report exposes the true nature of the ISDS regime through 10 recent stories.

    You can find the 10 stories online at 10isdsstories.org.

  20. Image of financial corporation  - wall street bull with businessman

    Convocatoria de propuestas para ‘Estado del poder 2020’: la corporación

    14 ဇွန်လ 2019

    El Transnational Institute (TNI), desde su sede en los Países Bajos, lanza una nueva convocatoria abierta de propuestas (ensayos de fácil lectura, artículos, infografías y proyectos artísticos) con el fin de elaborar su próxima edición del informe ‘Estado del poder’, que se publicará a fines de enero de 2020, coincidiendo con el Foro Económico Mundial en Davos. La novena edición de nuestro informe anual se centrará en el tema de la corporación.