Kratom in Thailand: Decriminalisation and Community Control?

Pascal Tanguay
May 2011

Kratom is an integral part of Thai culture and has neglible harmful effects. Community level control and education are recommended for the best path to harm reduction.

Withdrawal Issues

Withdrawal Issues: Report on the U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe
Susi Snyder
March 2011

Interviews conducted with European NATO delegations and NATO staffers concerned with nuclear planning and deployment reveal that there is sufficient political will to end the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

On the Frontline of Northeast India

March 2011

Conflict and underdevelopment in Northeast India have contributed to drug consumption and production, and are hampering access to treatment, care and support for drug users.

Burma's Longest War: Anatomy of the Karen Conflict

Ashley South
March 2011

As Burma enters a period of political transition, the role of the Karen ethnic communities will be critical in responding to the political and economic challenges that will shape their future. An in-depth history and analysis of the Karen's complex relationship with the Burmese state and central government.

The Many Faces of the Investor Rush in Southern Africa

Ruth Hall
March 2011

This working paper reviews the latest experiences of land grabbing in Southern Africa, detailing questions of scale and duration, initiation, negotiation processes, production sectors, employment, natural resource use and more.

Time for Europe to put human rights above commercial advantage

Paulina Novo
March 2011

Free trade or slave trade? How the EU's free trade agreements in Colombia and Peru reward human rights abuses, destroy livelihoods, promote land grabbing and strip governments of their sovereignty to regulate capital flows.

Fifty Years of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs: A Reinterpretation

David Bewley-Taylor
March 2011

Fifty years after its entering into force, it is time for a critical reflection on the validity of the Single Convention today: a reinterpretation of its historical significance and an assessment of its aims, its strengths and its weaknesses.

Lifting the ban on coca chewing

March 2011

This briefing paper analyses the reasons behind Bolivia’s proposal to remove from the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs the obligation to abolish the practice of coca chewing and the opposing arguments that have been brought forward.

Latin America Drug Policy Dialogue 2011 Montevideo

February 2011

The seventh meeting of the Informal Drug Policy Dialogues in Latin America took place in Montevideo. And centered on the following issues: Micro-trafficking and proportionality of sentences; Challenges to reforming drug policies; Marijuana in Latin America; and Options and debates in international and regional organizations.

Agricultural Innovation: Sustaining what agriculture? For what European bio-economy?

Les Levidow, S.M.Oreszczyn et al.
February 2011

The Europe 2020 strategy's promotion of resource-efficient technologies and market incentives as the solution for sustainable agriculture is contradicted by experience where techno-fixes and market pressures have increased overall demand on resources.

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