Survey: A Global Survey on Public Sector Capabilities and Responses to the Pandemic

22 April 2020

Take this survey and help us to map and bring out the magnitude and value of the public sector. You can submit until May 16. 

Together with COMUNA, a team of economists and social researchers based in Montevideo, Uruguay, TNI has launched a survey to map public sector responses to the pandemic. In many countries the Corona crisis has led to a strong new appreciation of the public sphere. The crisis shows how essential public health systems. Countries with strong teams of scientists based at universities and other public research bodies have been able to implement massive testing. Many of the economic contingency policies in response to the crisis are being implemented through state-owned enterprises, including public banks. And as the pandemic expands, basic public services such as water and sanitation networks, energy and telecommunications become even more essential. Mapping and bringing out the magnitude and value of the public sector will greatly contribute to finding the most appropriate alternatives to deal with the worsening recession and to better prepare for a future beyond the pandemic.

The survey takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. We appreciate your collaboration in these hectic times.