Orlando Letelier: Testimonio y vincicación

17 November 2005


Orlando Letelier: Testimonio y vincicación
Joan E. Garcés and Saul Landau (editors)
Siglo XXI, MexicoMadrid, 1995
ISBN: 84-323-0892-7

The full text of Orlando Letelier: Testimonio y Vindicación can be found on Internet at www.elmostrador.cl. At this site, readers with audio capability can also listen to the tape onto which Letelier originally recorded his observations in 1975. Book and audiocassette are available from TNI. Please contact Mariël Otten for information.

Orlando Letelier: Testimonio y Vindicación presents Letelier's recollections of Chilean politics, and the Chilean military, during the weeks leading up to the bloody overthrow of Chile's constitutional government. Letelier focueses on the duplicity of Augusto Pinochet, recounting how Pinochet professed loyalty to Chile's elected leaders at the same time he plotted to overthrow them. At the time he made these observations (1975), Letelier was living in Washington, DC, having been tortured and exiled after Augusto Pinochet overthrew Chile's democratically elected government in September of 1973. He was killed by a car-bomb in Washington, DC the following year; his assassination had been ordered by Pinochet. As Defense Minister, Letelier may have known more about the politics, sentiments, and actions of the Chilean military during these weeks than any other civilian loyal to Chile's democratic government. His observations are therefore of extraordinary historical value.