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TNI's Finance work navigates the complexities of global financial systems, analysing their impact on social justice and equality. Through rigorous research and advocacy, TNI seeks alternative financial models that prioritise people and the planet, challenging the dominance of profit-driven approaches. This work aligns with TNI's commitment to reshaping finance for a fair and sustainable future.


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Money for People and Planet


State Spending as a Source of Public Finance - in conversation with Professor Mary Mellor

The financial crisis of 2008 revealed the limitations of our current neoliberal financial order. As banks and other financial institutions lost their grip on financial markets across the world, it was the world’s governments that stepped in and saved the system on the backs of their taxpayers. If they have the capacity to create public money to save the banks, why don’t democratically elected governments use that same power to create money and involve people in order to solve problems of such as debt, poverty and the climate crisis?

23:32 minutes - Listen

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