TNI in 1992

17 November 2005
TNI holds fellows meetings on "Reinventing the Commons" and "Development as Myth".




Publication of TNIdeas No. 4


24 January


Reception/seminar to welcome the newly appointed chair of Greenpeace International; Matti Wuori.


26 January


TNI Forum "De Technologische Cultuur" (The Technological Culture) in De Balie in Amsterdam. Presentation of The Debt Boomerang. How Third World Debt Harms Us All, a book by Susan George.




Publication of TNIdeas No. 5 (new layout) on 'Atlanticism and Interventionism' by Mariano Aguirre (cover story).


14-16 May


TNI Fellows' Meeting on "Re-inventing the Commons" (with Thomas Schmid, Wolfgang Sachs, Philip Camara, Vandana Shiva and Helena Norberg Hodge) and "The United Nations and the New World Order" (with Pedro Vilanova on "The Limitations of the United Nations", Richard Gott on "The UN's Challenges and Capacities Today", Mariano Aguirre on "War and Peace in the Western Sahara" and Paul Staal on "Diplomacy in Angola").


26 June


Seminar at TNI with an introduction by Roelf Padt, director of Medicins Sans Frontieres, on 'Humanitarian aid: its possibilities and limitations'.




Publication of TNIdeas No. 6 on Uses and abuses of African debt by Susan George (cover story).


19-21 November


TNI Fellows' Meeting on "Development as a Myth" with Pedro Vilanova on "Israel", Graciela Malgesini on "Migration in Europe", Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli on "Development as a Myth", Joan Martinez Alier on "Critique of Sustainable Development", Bob Goodland (of the World Bank) on "A Model of Sustainable Development", Robert Borosage on "Consequences of the US Elections" and Walden Bello on "Movements, State and Capital. Political Strategies on the Crisis of Development". On 19 November, two new TNI publications are presented: Short Changed and People and Power in the Pacific.





IPS and TNI collaborate on two books: Susan George's 'The Debt Boomerang', which chronicles the impact of the debt crisis on the US and Europe; and 'Paradigms Lost', a book of essays on the post-Cold War world edited by IPS Fellow Chester Hartman and TNI Fellow Pedro Vilanova.




The government of Chile pays the families of Letelier and Moffitt $ 2.9 million in damages, implicitly acknowledging the role of the Pinochet regime in the murders of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffit on 21 September 1979.