TNI in 1993

17 November 2005
TNI's work with peasant organisations deepens, with a research project, conference and European tour of peasant leaders to share the perspectives of the agricultural sector in Central America in relation to Europe and its agricultural policies.




Publication of TNIdeas No. 7 on 'Israel's elections and the peace process' by Pedro Vilanova (cover story).


22-23 April


Conference "Central American Peasant Organisations: Strategies towards Europe", resulting from a research project on the perspectives of the agricultural sector in Central America in relation to Europe and its agricultural policies. A delegation of ten representatives from Central National Farmers Organisations (ASOCODE) make a four-week tour, April-May, throughout Europe to meet with farmers, NGOs, politicians, press etc.


13-15 May


TNI Fellows' Meeting on "Islam and Intervention" with Azmi Bishara on "The Islamist Movements", Joe Stork and Fred Halliday on "Managing the Middle East", Tony Borden and Zoran Pajic on "Islam, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans", and Dmitrij Furman and Mary Kaldor on "The Azerbeidjan-Armenia Conflict and the New Interventionism".




Publication of TNIdeas No. 8 on 'The Third World after the Cold War' by Myriam Vander Stichele (cover story).




Ariel Dorfman delivers the Keynote Speech at this years' Letelier-Moffitt Dinner in Washington DC.


18-20 November


TNI Fellows' Meeting on "Morality and Interventionism: Bring Peace by Force?" (with Mariano Aguirre and Jochen Hippler on "The Nature of Today's Conflicts and Interventions in the Third World", Peter Schraeder on "Somalia and Its Interventionist Experience", and Peter Weiss and Bernhard Craefrath on "The UN as Interventionist Force") and "Alternatives to the Bretton Woods Institutions" (with Walden Bello and Marcos Arruda on "What Kind of Development Should New Global Institutions Support?", Charles Abugre, Lori Udall and Bob Browne on "Alternatives to Bretton Woods", and John Cavanagh and Martin Khor on "Other Institutions to Promote Economic Justice"). Special guest is Andrej Fadin to present a new book project "The Future of Russia".


3-5 December


Workshop on the economic crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa and African visions for the future of the continent, held in Amsterdam, whith 30 African intellectuals participating, including Sithembiso Nyoni, winner of the Right Livelihood Award, Andullahi An-Na'im, expert on Islam and Human Rights, and Charles Abugre, then director of the Ghana office of the Third World Network. The workshop resulted in the launch of a project to research what has worked in Africa and why with regards to development projects.