TNI in 1996

17 November 2005
TNI develops work on trade issues, and publishes two books: one on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and one on private foreign aid.


Start of the project "Narcotrafficking: Obstacle for Democratisation and Demilitarization".




Publication of the book 'Beyond the Bomb' by huub Jaspers (ed). Based on papers presented in the series of seminars held in 1995 in Amsterdam by TNI and the World Information Service on Energy (WISE) to assess the 25 years of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.


27-29 February


Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF) I Bangkok, Thailand. 400 participants. The conference was co-organised with Focus on the Global South. A report on the conference was made.


26 March


'NAFTA's First Two Years: The Myths and Realities', report by John Cavanagh and Sarah Anderson (eds), IPS.


24 April


'CEO's Win, Workers Lose (III): How Wall Street Rewards Job Destroyers', report by John Cavanagh and Sarah Anderson, IPS.




Release of the film; 'Sixth Sun - Mayan Uprising in Chiapas' produced by Saul Landau. A one hour documentary on the Zapatistas, featuring Subcommandante Marcos and prominent intellectual Javier Eloriaga.




Publication of the book 'Compassion and Calculation: The Business of Private Foreign Aid', by David Sogge (ed). With Kees Biekart and John Saxby.


5-6 June


Workshop Re-inventing Solidarity? Private Foreign Aid Reconsidered held in Amsterdam. 40 participants. The seminar resulted in a report with the same name. In connection to the seminar, there was a Public Debate on private foreign aid in the Amstelkerk. The workshop and public debate coincided with the launch of the new book Compassion and Calculation. The Business of Private Foreign Aid.


7-9 June


International seminar on "Resistances to Neo-Liberalism' held at TNI in Amsterdam. 40 participants.




European Public Forum on 'Asian Consumerism' by Sulak Sivaraksa, at TNI, Amsterdam.




'The World Bank's Juggernaut: The Coal-Fired Industrial Colonisation of India's State of Orissa', report by TNI/IPS (SEEN).




'The World Bank's Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest: Opportunity or Liability for the Worlds Poorest Women?'. Report by N Dawkins Scully and D Wysham, published by TNI/IPS.




TNI fellows Walden Bello and Joel Rocamora key organisers of the major NGO parallel summit on APEC in Manila.




Publication of the booklet The Ministerial Conference in Singapore and the Developing Countries: An Introduction by Myriam Vander Stichele. Outlines the structure and official agenda of the WTO meeting in Singapore in December.




'A Gender Perspective on European Trade Policies, with case studies of the Philippines and Vietnam', report by Myriam Vander Stichele. Made for Women in Development Europe (WIDE) in preparation for the NGO forum of the first WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore.




TNI fellows Myriam Vander Stichele and Walden Bello participated in the NGO forum at the first WTO Ministerial Conference in Singapore.




ASEM Watch (a digital subscriber information service) launched by TNI.




Publication of the book 'Los Dias del Futuro: La Socidad Internacional en la Era de la Globalizacion", by Mariano Aguirre (also avaliable in Italian).




Publication of the book 'Central Asia After the Empire', by Yuriy Kulchik, Andrey Fadin and Victor Sergeev. An analysis of the current situation and prospects for the newly emerged republics in the region.




'A Testing Times: The Global Stake in a Nuclear Test Ban', booklet by Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik.