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  1. Rio+20 - The future we don't want

    Marcos Arruda
    10 July 2012

    Sustainable development, promised at the Earth summit in 1992, failed because it was equated with economic growth, consumerism and increased corporate power. Without sharing wealth, knowledge and power, humankind will not survive.

  2. Public Debt, Regional Integration and The South Bank

    Marcos Arruda
    23 March 2012

    The EU debt crisis foretells a more serious global debt crisis, caused by unlimited growth and the ongoing financial casino. Latin America's emerging financial and regional architecture offers hope for a new type of integration based on solidarity. 

  3. President Dilma: Let Brazil set an example for a new ecological economy

    Marcos Arruda
    25 January 2011

    President Dilma Roussef has the mandate and responsibility to forge a new development path: one based on participatory planning, a social market and environmental sustainability.

  4. What can we expect to see in 2011?

    Marcos Arruda, Mariano Aguirre, Phyllis Bennis, Walden Bello
    13 January 2011

    Changing global power balances, continuing crises, Iran, Afghanistan. Four TNI fellows share their predictions for 2011.

  5. When world recession knocks at the door it's time to change

    Marcos Arruda
    13 October 2010

    Since economic growth dependent on fossil fuels cannot persist, we must challenge the financial market ideology which continues to take precedence over human well being and the evironment.

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    Potencialidades de la praxis de la economía solidaria

    • Marcos Arruda
    02 July 2010

    La economía solidaria debe explorar las contradicciones del sistema del capital mundial con el propósito de antever tendencias, entendiendo que no parece haber una sola salida ni solución, sino varias.

  7. Educação para uma economia do amor

    • Marcos Arruda
    24 November 2009

    Qual a educação para um ser humano em processo de emancipação de seu trabalho, conhecimento e criatividade? É esse o questionamento que o economista e educador Marcos Arruda procura responder ao longo dessa obra.

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    Penser et pratiquer le développement autrement

    • Marcos Arruda, Pascal van Griethuysen
    01 September 2009

    Ce texte propose une réflexion sur les alternatives à l’expansion mondiale du mode de développement occidental telles que les propose le mouvement altermondialiste depuis une dizaine d’années.

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    Profiting without producing: the financial crisis as an opportunity to create a world solidarity economy

    • Marcos Arruda
    24 March 2009

    Increasingly centered on and subordinated to the financial sector, the global economy, based on the myth of "infinite" growth and resource exploitation, has come up against serious limits. New forms of development which put people at the center, rather than profit, urgently need addressing.

    Underneath a veneer of "prosperity" the majority of the world's population lives in conditions of permanent insecurity or crisis. This paper focuses on the key manifestations of the global financial crisis, briefly examines its immediate causes as well as its deeper systemic factors, then advances a key proposal: things can be done differently if we choose to see the crisis as an opportunity for profound socio-economic, political and cultural change, and decide to act accordingly.

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    Going deeper into a new financial architecture

    Marcos Arruda
    09 March 2009
    We need more than tinkering with banking systems. We need a radical solution to global financial mayhem.
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    Alternative views of the economic crisis

    Marcos Arruda, Walden Bello, David Evan Harris, Myriam vander Stichele
    09 February 2009
    In the media
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    New international financial institutions for a new global financial architecture

    Marcos Arruda
    29 January 2009
    An international financial architecture will be new if it is aimed at strengthening their members’ capacity to plan and manage sustainably their own endogenous, democratic and sustainable socioeconomic and human development.
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    Lucrar sem produzir

    Marcos Arruda
    15 December 2008

    O mundo é hoje mais rico do que nunca antes. E mais desigual também. Existe algo de podre no reino do Capital.

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    Endogenous development and a South American financial architecture

    Marcos Arruda
    06 October 2008
    Taking into account the current financial earthquake that is shaking the US financial system, Marcos Arruda summarizes some of the main arguments related to the creation of a new financial architecture for South America.
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    Nota sobre a polêmica em torno da democracia e da ditadura do proletariado

    Marcos Arruda
    22 July 2008

    A visão marxiana de democracia, ou de República Democrática, é essencial para a compreensão do que Marx qualificou como ‘ditadura do proletariado’.

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    Beyond Bretton Woods

    • Daphne Wysham, John Cavanagh, Marcos Arruda
    08 July 2008

    A series of provocative essays by leading researchers and activists on three crucial questions: what kind of development should new global economic institutions promote, what are the viable alternatives to the World Bank and IMF and what other global economic institutions are needed to promote a more just trading order with greater social and ecological responsibility.

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    Banco del Sur - Riesgo de volverse un proyecto tecnócrata

    Marcos Arruda
    23 May 2008

    Si el gobierno de Brasil logra detener la hegemonía del Banco del Sur, la región tendrá un banco tecnócrata al servicio de los dueños del gran capital.

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    Que tal la solidaridad cotidiana?

    Marcos Arruda
    19 May 2008

    La economía de la solidaridad es el camino para desmontar la ilusión de que la solidaridad es una excepción.

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    Brasil - Marina Silva se demite

    Marcos Arruda
    19 May 2008

    Marina não foi demitida pelo Presidente Lula. Ela própria decidiu sair do governo.

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