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  1. Rethinking regionalisms in times of crises

    • Cecilia Olivet, Gonzalo Berrón, Sol Trumbo Vila, Carlos Bedoya, Jenina Joy Chavez, Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Afsar Jafri, Dot Keet, Meena R Menon, Mariana Mortágua, Graciela Rodríguez, Andy Storey, Oscar Ugarteche
    10 October 2013

    The demand for people-centred regional alternatives has been at the core of people’s struggles in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. This reader pulls together perspectives of social movement activists, describing the restrictive regional spaces within which they work and propose regional alternatives.

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    European trade policy and the food crisis in Africa

    Dot Keet
    12 May 2011

    Dot Keet explains how IMF and World Bank policies have brought about the current food crisis in Africa, and why food sovereignty and local production are necessary to secure long term food security.

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    Practical and tactical challenges, and strategic perspectives for African engagement with China

    Dot Keet
    23 September 2010

    There are many important factors to consider when speaking broadly of China's role in Africa, and one should avoid falling into the trap of simplistic comparisons with historic African-European relations.

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    The WTO Doha round and EPAs in an era of crisis

    Dot Keet
    05 November 2009

    The major causes of the economic and social crises are now being even more blatantly promoted by the EU - both within the multilateral WTO negotiations and bilateral and bi-regional FTA/EPA negotiations - as the fundamental solutions.

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    The World Crisis - and beyond

    • Dot Keet
    28 October 2009

    The multiple crises of the capitalist world economy give the left the unique opportunity to discuss and promote ideas of transformative steps and social alternatives. Which conditions for a post-capitalist world do already exist and what are our responses to this development?

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    “La UE dice: firmad o se acaba la ayuda”

    Dot Keet
    27 October 2009

    Lo último que deberían hacer los países en desarollo es atarse a acuerdos de larga duración como los Acuerdos de Asociación Económica.

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    The implications of ‘the global crisis’ for the Southern African Development Community

    Dot Keet
    13 July 2009
    What is fundamental for Southern African to overcome the underlying structural crisis are democratic, inclusive and accountable participatory developmental states firmly orientated to serve the needs of their counties and peoples, their environments …. and the planetary eco-system.
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    África Austral: Integración en terapia intensiva

    Dot Keet, Aileen Kwa
    27 May 2008
    Como resultado de los acuerdos de asociación económica con la Unión Europea (UE), para fomentar el libre comercio, la integración entre los países de África austral se encuentra en terapia intensiva.
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    Southern Africa: whither regional integration?

    Dot Keet, Interviewed by Aileen Kwa
    22 May 2008
    As a result of the free trade agreements with the European Union, called economic partnership agreements, regional integration in Southern Africa is in tatters. The question arises: what kind of integration would engender broad-based development?
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    "En África nos enfrentamos a un terrible peligro si permitimos el libre comercio con los europeos"

    Dot Keet, realizada por Aloia Álvarez Feáns
    24 September 2007
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    China as 'partner' or neo-colonial operator in Africa ?

    Dot Keet
    25 May 2007

    Paper presented at the seminar China's New Role in Africa and the South:A search for a new perspective, parallel to the meeting of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Shanghai, May 2007.Paper presented at the seminar China's New Role in Africa and the South:A search for a new perspective, parallel to the meeting of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Shanghai, May 2007.

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    Linking Alternative Regionalisms for Equitable & Sustainable Development

    • Walden Bello, Dot Keet
    09 March 2007
    Policy briefing
  16. Alternativas estratégicas Sur-Sur al sistema económico y régimen de poder globales

    • Dot Keet
    13 October 2006

    En los últimos años está surgiendo un gran número de alianzas intergubernamentales Sur-Sur para defender sus intereses y poner en tela de juicio el sesgo del actual régimen global de comercio e inversiones

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