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  1. Session on the violations with impunity of the human rights of migrant and refugee peoples

    08 July 2017 - Event

    The Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) holds a special session to address Europe's policies on migrants and refugees. Fortress Europe has led to many disappeared persons and the death of thousands during their journey to reach the borders of southern and eastern Europe.

  2. Tribunal Permanente de los pueblos (TPP) sobre las violaciones con impunidad de los Derechos Humanos de las personas migrantes y refugiadas

    08 July 2017 - Event

    El objetivo de este proceso y de la Audiencia del TPP es identificar y juzgar la cadena de corresponsabilidad en la completa ruta de migrantes y refugiadas en la que sus derechos humanos son violados de forma amplia y sistemática lo que demanda una acción urgente y acceso a la justicia.

  3. Southern Africa Permanent Peoples Tribunal on transnational corporations

    16 August 2016 - Event

    The Southern Africa Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power is holding its first session of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal on Transnational Corporations. 10 communities from Southern Africa will present their cases – the suffering they have endured at the hands of Transnational Corporations protected by the current structure of free trade agreements.

  4. EU crisis policies put on trial

    15 May 2014 - Event