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    Masks of Empire

    • Achin Vanaik
    09 May 2007
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    The Left in the City

    • Edited with Benjamin Goldfrank
    17 April 2007
    The Left in the City explores examples of progressive parties in local office from across the continent, from Mexico to Uruguay and from Brazil to Peru, and examines the successes and failures of the Left in government.
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    Strengthening Civil Society in Burma

    • TNI/Burma Centrum Netherland
    11 April 2007
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    The Next Threat

    • Jochen Hippler, Andrea Lueg (eds)
    22 March 2007
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    Up in Arms

    • Jennifer Franco, Martin Broek
    22 March 2007
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    Linking Arms

    • John Feffer (ed)
    22 March 2007
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    Aonde as árvores são um deserto

    • aleksej
    20 March 2007
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    Selling US Wars

    • Achin Vanaik, Praful Bidwai
    15 March 2007
    Selling US Wars is a valuable, information-filled collection of essays by renowned experts from around the world which examines the excuses for war that were the basis for this period of the US empire drive—nuclear weapons, terrorism, "failed states," drugs, humanitarian intervention, and democracy.
  9. Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

    • Phyllis Bennis
    08 March 2007

    If you have ever wondered “Why is there so much violence in the Middle East?”, “Who are the Palestinians?”, “What are the occupied territories?” or “What does Israel want?”, then this is the book for you.

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    The Pinochet Affair

    • Roger Burbach
    08 March 2007

    This book tells the epic story of the events that surrounded the dramatic arrest of General Augusto Pinochet in London in October 1998.

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    Networked Politics

    • Hilary Wainwright, Oscar Reyes, Marco Berlinguer, Fiona Dove, Mayo Fuster Morell, Joan Subirats (eds)
    23 January 2007

    In a world where the traditional institutions of democratic control have been weakened by an unconstrained global market and superpower military ambitions, it uncovers diverse forms of resistance with the potential to create new institutions for social change.

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    Beyond the market:

    • Susan George, Daniel Chavez, Olivier Hoedeman, Giorgina Garibotto et al.
    02 November 2006
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    Polis & Demos

    31 October 2006
    In reviewing and comparing experiments with participatory budgeting and democratisation in Montevideo and Porto Alegre, the book aims to contribute to a more extensive and deeper understandings of left politics and democratic public policies in Latin America and the Global South.
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    Reclaiming Public Water

    • Brid Brennan, Belén Balanyá, Olivier Hoedeman, Satoko Kishimoto, Philipp Terhorst
    31 October 2006
  15. Challenging Empire People, Governments and the UN Defy US Power

    • Phyllis Bennis
    06 June 2006

    Foreword by Danny Glover
    Arris Books, January 2006

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    Crônicas depois do furacão

    • Hilary Wainwright, Sue Branford
    25 January 2006

    Hilary Wainwright, coordenadora de vãrias redes internacionais de pesquisa e ativismo, procurou colocar-se no centro dos acontecimentos, dando voz a todos os lados da crise que se abateu sobre o PT e o governo Lula em 2005.

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    In the Eye of the Storm:

    • Hilary Wainwright
    25 January 2006

    In August 2005, Hilary Wainwright went to Brazil to find out 'what went wrong', and what positive lessons the Brazilian experience might hold for the future of the left. But on her arrival in Brazil, she found herself observing at first hand the unfolding of a political crisis.

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    Challenging Empire

    • Phyllis Bennis
    01 January 2006
    Bennis tracks the rise of US unilateralism and the doctrine of preemptive war, looking particularly at Iraq and Israel/Palestine, and examines both the potential and the challenges ahead in reclaiming the UN as part of the global peace movement.
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    Dilemmas of Domination

    • Walden Bello
    15 October 2005
    The empire seems unassailable, but the empire is weak—and precisely because of its imperial ambitions. So argues Walden Bello in his provocative new book, which systematically dissects the strategic, economic, and political dilemmas confronting America as a consequence of its quest for global domination.
  20. Before & After US Foreign Policy and the September 11th Crisis

    • Phyllis Bennis
    18 July 2005

    Americans were uniformly shocked by the lethal ferocity of the September 11 attacks. Around the world, people and governments were appalled at the human carnage and extended unstinting sympathy-but many made it clear that their sympathy for the victims did not equal support for Washington's response to the terror attacks.