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    At the Edge (11-13 November 1999)

    17 November 2005
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    Alliance pour le Traité

    07 May 2014
    Press release

    L’Alliance pour le Traité regroupe un grand nombre de réseaux et d'alliances globales, y compris la Campagne pour le Démantèlement du Pouvoir des Entreprises,  FIAN, Friends of the Earth International, l’Institut Transnational, qui représentent ensemble plus de 500 groupes du monde entier déterminés à mettre fin aux violations des droits humains perpétrées par les entreprises.

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    The United Nations and Harm Reduction Overview and Links

    17 November 2005

    TNI and official links on UN and Harm Reduction

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    Bolivia and drugs: documents and links

    17 November 2005

    List of useful documents and links related to Bolivia.

  5. Dossier Orlando Letelier

    15 December 2009

    TNI dossier on Orlando Letelier, second director of TNI.

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    Pinochet on Trial: Timeline

    17 November 2002

    Pinochet arrest and trial timeline.

  7. UN meeting provides historic opportunity to stop corporate impunity

    Brid Brennan
    13 June 2014

    Popular demands for a binding treaty on corporate human right violations will get an unprecedented hearing this month at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

  8. Global campaign to challenge the power of corporations launched in Rio+20

    19 June 2012
    Press release

    Dozens of civil society organizations from around the world have gathered today (19 June 2012) at the Peoples’ Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to launch a global campaign to confront the power of corporations and their crimes against humanity.

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    Money Laundering: Related websites and documents

    Drugs and Democracy
    17 November 2005

    Useful links on money laundering and drugs

  10. Drug sentences now make more sense

    19 November 2012
    Other news

    The underlying aim of The Sentencing Council's new guideline for drug offences in England and Wales is to ensure sentences are consistent and the punishment proportionate. The guideline was launched in February 2012 and early results suggest it is beginning to have its desired effect. But achieving that consistency has involved a long process of research and careful testing of the results with judges, lawyers and the general public. (See also: Drugs, crime and punishment)

  11. War Without End

    Tom Blickman
    07 June 2008
    In the media

    An extraordinary documentary marking a new level in broadcast journalism critiquing the international war on drugs was shown on Irish TV last on 3 June 2008. The report is a comprehensive indictment of the global drug war and asks if there is an alternative to this war without end.

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    Press reports: UN Drug Control

    17 November 2005

    Press coverage on UN Drug Control

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    Colombia - recursos

    20 November 2007
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    Drugs and Brazil: Related websites and documents

    Drugs and Democracy
    14 April 2006

    Recommended web resources on Drugs and Brazil

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    UNDCP overview

    17 November 2005

    Over the years, the UNDCP has actively promoted a repressive drug control policy following the guidelines set by the UN Drug Conventions and the predominant prohibitionist views of most member states.

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    Drugs and Conflict in Peru

    17 November 2005
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    Enlaces de Crimen y Globalización

    14 February 2007
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    United Nations Drug Control Overview

    20 July 2006

    Overview and links on UN drug control.

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    Pinochet Response by US Faulted

    Mark Matthews
    31 October 1998

    The Clinton administration's noncommittal reaction to the arrest in Britain of Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet has baffled and angered human rights activists.