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    The Pinochet Affair

    • Roger Burbach
    08 March 2007

    This book tells the epic story of the events that surrounded the dramatic arrest of General Augusto Pinochet in London in October 1998.

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    The Pinochet Precedent

    Sarah Anderson
    11 December 2006
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    The Atrocities of Augusto Pinochet and the United States

    Roger Burbach
    11 December 2006
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    On the Death of a Villain

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    14 December 2006
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    Confrontation in Bolivia over Agrarian Reform

    Roger Burbach
    05 December 2006
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    Militant Brazilian Opposition to Bush-Lula Ethanol Accords

    Roger Burbach, Isabella Kenfield
    21 March 2007
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    A revolution without borders: reappraising Bolivia’s crisis

    Samuel Grove, Pablo Navarrete
    17 December 2008
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    Katastrophen - Kapitalismus

    Oscar Reyes, Interview mit Naomi Klein. Oscar Reyes
    18 October 2007
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    Bolivia’s popular upheaval

    Roger Burbach, Tanya M. Kerssen
    23 September 2008
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    From carrot to stick: Bush's policy towards Latin America

    Roger Burbach, Interview with Roger Burbach
    02 March 2007
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    After shock

    Oscar Reyes, Naomi Klein interviewed by Oscar Reyes
    01 October 2007
  16. Thessaloniki, Greece: Struggling against water privatisation in times of crisis

    Lavinia Steinfort
    03 June 2014

    Already subjected to the consequences of the European and Greek debt crisis and the resulting austerity measures, privatisation will continue to hit Thessaloniki hard. In a referendum the people voted overwhelmingly against water privatisation. While their struggle continues, they look upon the crisis as an opportunity to intensify the search for democratic alternatives.