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    Reforming public water services

    • Satoko Kishimoto
    01 June 2009

    Q and As on why reforming public water services is the best way to deliver clean water to all.

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    Activities 2012 Water Justice

    31 August 2013

    TNI plays an important role in supporting coalitions resisting water privatisation across the globe.

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    Public Water Services

    Satoko Kishimoto
    01 May 2006

    Innovative approaches based on citizens' engagement have substantially improved public water and sanitation services in developing countries. Olivier Hoedeman, Satoko Kishimoto and Philipp Terhorst, who edited the recently published book Reclaiming Public Water, discuss specific democratic utility reforms that have led to improved services, and the political and financial hurdles that hinder public utilities from achieving success.

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    NGOs Challenge Water Privatisation

    Stefania Bianchi
    13 October 2005
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    Africa Water Network


    La red Africa Water Network (AWN) es un colectivo de trabajadores del sector del agua y de activistas de África que luchan por conseguir un acceso universal al agua, especialmente para aquellos grupos que padecen marginación social o económica.

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  7. Reclaiming Public Water

    17 August 2006
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    Reclaiming Public Water

    17 August 2006
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    World Water Forum 3

    17 November 2005
  10. Our Water Commons


    Our Water Commons busca transformar la toma de decisiones sobre la administración del agua hacia sistemas participativos, democráticos y basados en las comunidades, sistemas que valoren como estrategias la equidad y la sostenibilidad. Nuestro trabajo está basado en diez principios del agua como un bien común....

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    Water to the people

    Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
    24 November 2008
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    Water Justice activities

    08 February 2007

    Water Justice activities

  13. Reclaiming Public Water Network


    Red internacional formada por activistas de la sociedad civil, sindicalistas y académicos, así como por administradores e ingenieros de empresas de agua, que colaboran para fomentar modelos de agua públicos, democráticos y centrados en las personas.

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    Water Justice links

    25 January 2007
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    Drinking Water Protests

    Abdel-Mawla Ismail
    17 July 2012
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    Public Water for All

    06 July 2006
  18. Lagos water crisis: Alternative roadmap for water sector

    Lagos Water Crisis

    • Satoko Kishimoto, Akinbode Oluwafemi, Philip Jakpor, Susanna Bohme, Emanuele Lobina
    25 November 2016

    For nearly two years, people in Lagos, Nigeria have been mobilizing to demand a public water system that delivers clean, safe water to all residents. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the next step in the campaign: the release of “Lagos Water Crisis: Alternative roadmap for water sector.” This book lays out a vision for how the city can solve its water crisis, with specific recommendations and action steps for the Lagos government.

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    Writing on Water

    09 October 2009

    Inspiring video on the experience of the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board which has broken down barriers between communities and engineers, and is pioneering a model of effective, democratic, accountable public water services.

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    Water and sustainable development

    Susan George
    01 July 2008