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  1. cover_book_launch

    Book launch "Corporate conduct & the public interest"

    30 September 2015 - Event

    Book launch "Corporate conduct & the public interest"

  2. Strategies of energy democracy

    01 October 2015 - Event

    What ownership for a just energy transition? How to combat energy poverty?

  3. Sound the Alarm against TTIP!

    10 October 2015 - Event

    If you were a multinational, which rules would you like to change? The answer will be found in TTIP - a trade agreement between the EU and the USA - in which our rights, our health and our planet are being reduced to 'trade barriers'.

  4. Sla alarm tegen TTIP!

    10 October 2015 - Event

    Welke regels zou je willen veranderen als je een multinational zou zijn? Het antwoord staat in TTIP - een handelsverdrag tussen de EU en de VS - waarin onze rechten, onze gezondheid en onze planeet worden gereduceerd tot 'handelsbelemmeringen'.

  5. Preparing for the UN General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem

    22 July 2015 - Event

    What are the key points of debate for UNGASS? What are the possible outcomes? How can we prepare for this important event?

  6. Peoples Mobilizations for a UN Treaty on TNCs inside and outside the UNHRC

    06 July 2015 - Event

    Social movements and organizations from Africa, Asia, Latin America, US, Canada and Europe will be present in Geneva to launch a week of mobilizations to support the process of building this Treaty that carries the potential of providing needed access to justice and compensation for victims of corporate violations.

  7. Remembering Praful

    08 July 2015 - Event
  8. Studentendebat: Is TTIP gezond?

    25 June 2015 - Event
  9. Días de Movilización

    08 June 2015 - Event
  10. How will TTIP change our world?

    17 June 2015 - Event