Their Crises, Our Solutions: Is Green Economy the Answer?

03 Junio 2010 - Evento
03 Junio 2010


Edgardo Lander, Praful Bidwai, Susan George

TIME: 20:00 – 22:00hrs



Dr Susan George, Board President of the Transnational Institute (TNI), author of Whose Crisis, Whose Future? (Polity, forthcoming Sept 2010).

Edgardo Lander, Professor of Social Sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela; co-chair of a working group at the World People's Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia.

Praful Bidwai, Indian climate specialist, former senior editor of the Times of India, author of An India That Can Say Yes: a Climate-Responsible Development Agenda for Copenhagen and Beyond (Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2009).

As the Dutch general election approaches, the talk of the town seems to be budgetary deficit and budgetary cuts: how much and how fast. But what about the causes of the crisis that have gotten us into this mess in the first place? Is anyone offering a sustainable way out? What about ensuring we avoid even worse catastrophe that is on the cards if we do not address the causes?

Renowned author Dr Susan George will be talking about ‘Going Green’ as the way forward. She will be joined by innovative thinkers from the South, including Edgardo Lander, one of the key participants at the People's climate conference in Bolivia, and Indian climate specialist Praful Bidwai.

The panellists will be available for interviews on 3 June. To arrange an interview or for more information, please contact Nina.Brenjo [a]