Madrid 2010: The Peoples' Alternative Summit - Enlazando Alternativas 4

13 မေလ 2010

This year's Madrid summit marks a key milestone in the ongoing development of the Enlazando Alternativas network for both highlighting EU complicity with human rights and environmental abuses and highlighting the real alternatives offered by social movements of integration and development that respect the rights of people, communities, and protect the environment. 

MADRID 14-17 MAY 2010: Enlazando Alternativas 4

Press Release (6 May 2010): "Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, Putting European corporations on trial".
Nota de prensa (17 mayo 2010): "El Tribunal Permanente de los pueblos condena a la union Európea por su complicidad en los delitos sociales y ecológicos de las transnacionales."

 Earlier this year a "call" for submission of cases to the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal went out to the network. About 27 cases against European corporations will be heard at the fourth PPT in Madrid. During the summit, a programme of workshops is also being held, to "showcase" alternative forms of bi-regional development that go beyond the initial opposition to dominating forms of economic, bi-regional integration as pursued by the EU and some heads of state in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This year's Madrid summit marks a key milestone in the ongoing development of Enlazandos Alternativas. First, it seeks to highlight EU complicity with human rights and environmental abuses via their international trade agenda and the operations of EU-based transnational corporations verseas. Second, the series of workshops will continue to build on the capacity of the movement to offer real alternatives - forms of bi-regional integration and development - that respect the rights of people, communities, and protect the environment. A focus on solutions will be an important onward aim of the network, contributing substantially to its momentum.

TNI wEnlazandos Alternativas 4, MADRID 2010orkshops at Enlazando Alternativas 4
Full programme is at

Saturday 15 May

10:00-18:00: EU-Latin America and the Caribbean: free trade and dependence. Full programme (PDF)
(with Alianza Social Continental / RMALC/Seattle to Brussels Network / PRC-Sinistra Europea / WEED / War on Want / Ecologistas en Accion / CSA-TUCA / Transform - PIE / Red Centroamericana de Monitoreo del DR-CAFTA / Attac France)

10:00-14:00: The Lisbon Treaty: a bi-regional overview of the implications for Europe and Latin America. Full programme (PDF)
(with APRODEV / CIFCA / ATTAC Catalunya / RMALC)

12:00-14:00: Free Trade and Migration Policies in Europe and Latin America: constructing alternatives and building resistance from social movements and migrants. Full programme (PDF)
(with Transnational Migrant Platform / RESPECT Europewide Campoaign for the Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers / Alianza Social Continental / CEAR / ALER / Secretaría técnica IV FSMM)

16:00-20:00: Water - populare resistance to multinational takeovers
(with Red AQUATTAC de ATTAC Europa / Reclaiming Public Water Network)

18:00-20:00: For a just trade and investment policy of the EU: towards an Alternative Trade Mandate
(with Seattle to Brussels Network (Europe) / CEO (Belgium) / Women in Development Europe / Oxfam Germany / Ecologistas en Acción (Spain) / WEED (Germany) / Hemispheric Social Alliance (Latin America)

18:00-20:00: Bi-regional campaign against ICSID and Bilateral Investment Treaties, discussing strategies and alternatives. Full programme (PDF)
ATTAC / MOSIP / Alianza Social Continental

18:00-20:00: Climate Justice and social responses to climate change. Full programme (PDF)
Ecologistas en Acción (Estado español) / Red Mexicana de Acción frente al Libre Comercio (México) / Alianza Social Continental (Américas)
Amigos de la Tierra Internacional (Uruguay) / FASE / REBRIP (Brasil), Fundación Solón / Plataforma Boliviana sobre el Cambio Climático (Bolivia), Red Justicia Climática Ahora!

Sunday 16 May

10:00-12:00: Proposals and alternatives for regional integration in Latin America: analysis of existing processes. Full programme (PDF)
(with Alianza Social Continental (Américas) / Puente entre Culturas (Bolivia - Holanda - Belgica - Guatemala) / CADTM (Bélgica)

10:00-12:00: European Imperialism. The role of the EU in destroying social and environmental rights globally.
(with Ecologistas en Acción / StateWatch/ Netherlands / African Trade Network / Friends of the Earth International / Brazilian Network for the Integration of People)

What is Enlazando Alternativas?

The Europe-Latin America and Caribbean bi-regional network “Enlazando Alternativas” (Linking Alternatives) was formed as a result of a growing awareness that the neoliberal policies and trade agenda of the European Union (EU) is being led by powerful transnational corporations and that the EU's objective is to ensure its countries unrestricted access to Latin American and Caribbean markets. The formation of this bi-regional network also reflects the need for Latin American and European civil societies to increase resistance to the “European project”, to the transnational companies (TNCs) based in the European Union and to international 'free' trade policies. The Transnational Institute is one of the original co-founders of the network and a partner in its ongoing development. Enlazando Alternativas is an important part of TNI's Alternative Regionalisms project.

History of Enlazandos Alternativas

The network formally began in Guadalajara, during the meeting, “Enlazando Alternativas”, organized in parallel to the Third Summit of Heads of State and Governments of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union in May 2004. Although the network was launched in Guadalajara, several later meetings since then have consolidated and strengthened it: meetings within the framework of the Americas Social Forum in Quito (July 2006), the European Social Forum in London (October 2004), the Brussels meeting (November 2004) and the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (January 2005).

See also: Latin America-Europe relations: time for a new era

Download: Background introduction to the EA network here. (English / Spanish .PDF)

Download: Background information on the role of transnational corporations in the LAC region (English / Spanish .PDF) 

Enlazandos Alternativas 4, MADRID 2010