Mission & Vision

TNI envisions a world of peace, equity and democracy on a sustainable planet brought about and sustained by an informed and engaged citizenry.


TNI’s mission is to strengthen international social movements with rigorous research, reliable information, sound analysis and constructive proposals that advance progressive, democratic policy change and common solutions to global problems.  In so doing, TNI acts as a unique nexus between social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers.


All TNI’s work starts from the perspective of the interests of the Global South, that is, justice for the poorest, most oppressed and marginalised people in society. This includes exposing power structures that favour the rich over the poor.

Diversity, equity and inclusion: TNI believes all people are born equal and that a just society is based on an equitable allocation of resources. TNI rejects discrimination in all forms: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, physical or mental disability. TNI strives for gender equity and diversity both in its internal organisation and through its programme, for more information on this see the Gender Equity and Diversity Plan.

TNI believes that the people are sovereign in any society, and have equal rights to meaningfully determine how society is governed and resources shared.

TNI is committed to non-violence.

TNI believes in the duty and responsibility of all citizens to sustain life on earth.

TNI believes in confronting difficult and thorny subjects head on, and developing insightful and innovative ways to analyse old problems as well as to put forward new solutions.

TNI believes that partnership and cooperation are essential to building a better world.  Our partnerships are structured as mutually respectful, horizontal relationships of cooperation.

TNI is a progressive, non-partisan, non-sectarian organisation.

In our work of bridging academia and socially engaged actors, we believe learning is a two-way process and that analysis and proposals must be grounded in real life experiences and social struggles to be relevant.

TNI believes in practising its values.

TNI has special NGO consultative status with UN Ecosoc since 1974, is registered as a non-profit foundation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, and has charitable status in the Netherlands. TNI is also recognised as an independent, non-profit research centre in The Netherlands and at European Union level. It is an Associate Member of the International Social Science Council and the European Association of Development Institutes.

Download our Articles of Association in Dutch or for English please scroll down in the document. 

TNI strategic plan

For a comprehensive insight in how TNI aspires to realise its mission statements see the Strategic plan 2016-2020.

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