Egypt Now: Revolution and Counter-Revolution

21 ဧပြီလ 2011
21 ဧပြီလ 2011


Amy Holmes**

Date: Thursday, 21 April 2011
Time: 17h30 - 19h30

Direct from Cairo, Dr Holmes will talk about the internal and external dynamics that led to the collapse of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, as well as the current period characterized by military rule. While the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has stated its intention to lead the country in the transition to democracy, the outcome of this transition is anything but clear. After assuming power on February 11, the SCAF has adopted a heavy-handed approach: Military tribunals of civilians have become commonplace. On March 23 a law was passed that outlawed demonstrations and labor strikes.The military has also been accused of torturing demonstrators and forcibly conducting virginity tests on detained women. Furthermore, there remains the possibility of a putsch, as a group called “Officers for the Revolution” are openly mobilizing against Field Marshall Tantawi, the Head of the SCAF. While it has become commonplace to refer to the "Egyptian Revolution" - it is not at all clear that what has happened in Egypt can be considered as such, especially as counter-revolutionary forces are currently gaining momentum.

** Dr. Holmes has lived in Egypt for three years and was in Cairo throughout the uprising. She is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the American University in Cairo and a documentary filmmaker.

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