Second Spring Social Conference

29 မတ်လ 2012
29 မတ်လ 2012 to 30 မတ်လ 2012

The second Joint Social is organized on the theme of

Reclaim Democracy! and seeks to develop common actions on 5  emergencies:

1. No cuts, no austerity, ecological transition

2. Public debts : who has to pay ?

3. Monetary policy and the role of the ECB

4. Tax Justice

5. Freedom of collective bargaining and action

Since 2011, we are witnessing a turning point in Europe.

Economic level:  most European countries are now experiencing recession; social turn: unprecedented austerity plans are implemented, generating broad social mobilization by social movements and unions (Indignados, demonstrations, general strikes ...);

Political level: Neoliberalism has never been so obvious and democracy so threatened in the EU. All this happens against a background of serious ecological imbalances, the current orientations will only aggravate.

Faced with the indifference of leaders vis-à-vis social mobilization, it is urgent to intensify the struggle, and in particular to develop coordinated action at European level. This will be the JSC’s objectives this year.

The Conference facilitates - Languages : En Fr It Esp Ger Rom Pol

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