Mónica Vargas

Global Campaign Coordinator

Mónica Vargas Collazos is a researcher for the Corporate Power Project, which is part of the TNI's Economic Justice Program, and has been facilitating the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity since 2015.

Mónica is Bolivian and holds a PhD degree from the Institute of Research in Science and Technology for Sustainability (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), an M. in Social Anthropology from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS - Mexico) and a BA degree in Sociology from the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

Her research has focused in the past 10 years in areas such as European transnational corporations' impacts in Latin America and the link to the Trade and Investment Regime.

Before joining TNI she worked for 10 years at the Observatory on Debt in Globalisation (ODG) as researcher and programme officer. Her areas of interest are: Political Ecology, Mega-infrastructures projects, Ecological Debt, Food Sovereignty, Corporate Impunity, Financial Speculation on Food, Extra-territorial responsibility, Environmental Justice.

More info: https://www.stopcorporateimpunity.org/