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TNI events bring together thinkers and activists to analyse critical global issues and put forward transformative alternatives and solutions. Our focus is transnational, highlighting the global context and dimensions of different crises, as well as profiling the social movements, especially those in the Global South, that are leading struggles for justice.

Missed a recent webinar? Don't worry, we recorded them so you can catch up in the past events section below.

Past events

  1. Digital Capitalism : Six week course for activists - Final Opportunity: Enroll Now

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    Event type: Online course
    Event location: Online
    Digital Capitalism Six week course for activists - Final Opportunity: Enroll Now

    (This course has started but it is still possible to enroll, and to catch up with the recordings and resources from week one and two). AI and digitalisation has become a topic of everyday discussion and debate, but what are its implications for activists fighting for social and environmental justice? This six week course will explore what digital capitalism is, how and by whom is being shaped, its implications for our economy, society and environment, and the possibilities for transformation. If you want to penetrate behind the jargon and hype to properly understand the digital economy, then this course is for you!

  2. Dismantling Green Colonialism: US book tour

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    Flyer Hamza US Book tour

    You're invited to the upcoming Dismantling Green Colonialism US book tour, featuring a series of engaging events from April 12th to April 24th. Whether you're in New York, Washington DC, or Jackson/New Orleans, there's an opportunity for you to participate in person or in some cases you can join the discussions online. For more details see the programme below.

  3. Everything Must Change : Amsterdam premiere

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    - CET
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    Event location: OT301 Ventilator Cinema - Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
    Everything Must Change Amsterdam premiere

    EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE is a major new feature film made by Reel News, Zahra Dalilah and Rowan Mataram. Buy your ticket hereCost of living, climate change, food, housing, land: the multiple crises we face are deeply interlinked, which means the solutions are too. “Everything Must Change” explains how all these crises – and the accompanying spiralling price rises – have come about, and shows how a just transition away from a free market extractive system based on exploitation to a renewable energy system based on peoples needs can solve all of them. 

  4. International Conference on Global Land Grabbing : Land Deal Politics Initiative (LPDI)

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    Event type: Event
    Event location: Botoga, Colombia
    • Land and Water Grabbing
    • Land Sovereignty
    International Conference on Global Land Grabbing Land Deal Politics Initiative (LPDI)

    The Global Land Grabbing Conference addresses urgent challenges related to land, water, and natural resource grabbing. It provides a space for exchange and action that brings together diverse perspectives, including academics, social movements, and government entities. This event is organized by the Land Deals Politics Initiative (LDPI), which for over ten years has brought together over 500 participants, including academics, policymakers, and activists from more than 25 countries, to study and confront landgrabbing. The selection of Bogotá as the venue for 2024 stems from the significance of land debates on the Colombian public agenda. Click here to learn more about the Land Deals Politics Initiative.

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