Journal of Peasant Studies: Special Forum on Myanmar

26 April 2021
Myanmar is in a dangerous and uncertain moment following the military coup on 1 February 2021. The articles in this Special Forum provide timely contextual analysis. Written before the coup, the articles delve into the politics of agrarian transformation in the context of (what was then) an ongoing (but fragile) opening up of political space.
This introduction outlines three themes that connect the articles and now also shed some light on what the future may hold: (1) the limited character of the 2010–2021 ‘democratic transition’; (2) the struggles around land and natural resources amidst a social reproduction crisis and (3) the responses of rural working peoples. The contributions are authored mainly by social movement activists, providing grassroots activist perspectives on key issues in agrarian politics. Most of the articles are free access.
The politics of Myanmar’s agrarian transformation: Introduction [1]
Doi Ra, Sai Sam Kham, Mads Barbesgaard, Jennifer C. Franco & Pietje Vervest
‘Neither war nor peace’ [2]: failed ceasefires and dispossession in Myanmar’s ethnic borderlands
Tom Kramer
‘Nothing about us, without us’: [3] reflections on the challenges of building Land in Our Hands, a national land network in Myanmar/Burma
Doi Ra & Khu Khu Ju
Emerging ‘agrarian climate justice’ struggles in Myanmar [4]
Yukari Sekine
Defending Shan State's customary tenure systems from below through collective action research [5]
Oliver Springate-Baginski & Mi Kamoon
Gender and generation in rural politics in Myanmar [6]: a missed space for (re)negotiation?
Clara Mi Young Park
The political economy of opium reduction in Myanmar [7]: the case for a new ‘alternative development’ paradigm led by and for opium poppy farmers
Sai Lone & Renaud Cachia
Grassroots Voices: A letter from a jail cell [8]
K Za Win

Free access until 31 May 2021