Trade Justice Now! Ask your candidates to support a just EU trade policy

Climate change, biodiversity loss, precarious working conditions and growing inequalities are among the most pressing issues of our times. The EU has promised to align its trade policy with its climate ambitions and sustainable development goals, including those in its European Green Deal. Yet the trade agreements the European Commission has been pushing for so far, are in stark contradiction with these promises. These agreements are likely to be finalized during the next term of European Parliament, including the EU-Mercosur trade agreement.


As a candidate for the EP elections in June and possible Member of the European Parliament from 2024 to 2029 we hope you will act in the interest of the many who ask for people to be put before profits! Support the pledge on trade justice by subscribing to it below and send a signal to the electorate that you will push for trade policy to serve the interest of EU citizens, our climate and nature:

Pledge on just EU trade policy

I want trade justice: trade that works for people and the planet while also considering animal protection. That means I pledge to:

  1. Reject climate-wrecking, hazardous trade deals like EU-Mercosur that promote detrimental working conditions.
    At the moment, trade deals destroy decent jobs and put pressure on wages, damage the planet and particularly hurt countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. We need a new approach to trade that puts people and the planet first instead of serving corporate interests. In order to accomplish this, workers rights and the associated standards must be a priority.
  2. Support trade that promotes environmentally-friendly local food systems that have high animal welfare standards, and thereby shortening supply chains and increasing food sovereignty.
    Family farmers, communities and small businesses benefit from re-localising trade,  instead of big business and agro-industry using exploitative methods and hiding all the profits in tax havens.
  3. Create new rules to stop the export of products that are being  banned in the EU.
    European companies should not be making profits selling hazardous pesticides and other toxic products to other countries.
  4. Scrap corporate tribunals in trade and investment deals.
    Fossil fuel companies and others are using these corporate tribunals outside of the national legal system (formally called ISDS or ICS) to sue states for billions of Euros when climate and other public interest policies harm their profits.
  5. Support transparency and democracy in trade deals. 
    Ensure public interest groups and unions  from all the countries involved in a trade deal have a seat at the negotiation table and a strong voice throughout the negotiation process. Splitting trade deals to circumvent scrutiny of national and regional parliaments and shut out critical voices of EU member States is unacceptable.

They signed the pledge

they signed the pledge

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