US-EU Trade Will Undermine 'Tax Justice,' Says Report

19 February 2016
In the media

Telesur - The secretive TTIP could make it easier than ever for big business to sue governments, according to new research.

"Now, the new report published by Global Justice Now and the Transnational Institute has warned investor protections embedded in the TTIP could leave many major companies beyond the reach of national taxes."

"Cecilia Olivet from the Transnational Institute said the report showed the evidence 'of the dangers of these investment deals continues to mount.' 'Not only do they affect health and the environment and cost taxpayers millions in legal fees, this report shows they also affect the ability of governments to tax corporations effectively,' Olivet said. She added, 'This is yet more money lining the pockets of corporate executives stolen from the public taxpayer. New trade deals such as TTIP … have to be stopped and the public interest defended.' "

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