Pauline Tiffen

Chair of the Board

Pauline Tiffen is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Fair Trade. She has worked actively to make trade fair for more than 30 years: as worker, company director, innovator, advisor, consultant, mentor and writer. She currently divides her time between consultancy with Verité (Fair Labor. Worldwide) and advisory roles in Uganda as Chairperson of the Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre, in Amsterdam as an Supervisory Board member of the Transnational Institute and in the United Kingdom as Non-Executive Independent Director of Divine Chocolate, Founding Trustee of the Pluto Educational Trust and a member of the Sainsbury Foundation Advisory Board.

The Journal of Fair Trade was founded to bring into one place critical thinking on the fundamental questions about how to make trade fairer to people and planet. What works, what doesn't, principles, theories and lessons. The Journal gives weight and space to a range of academic and activist voices because they all have a role to place in answering so many questions we face today. 
Since January 2021 The Journal of Fair Trade is Open Access with all published work available to read and download for free here making it possible to reach a global movement without barriers. 
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