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The Global Land Grabbing Conference addresses urgent challenges related to land, water, and natural resource grabbing. It provides a space for exchange and action that brings together diverse perspectives, including academics, social movements, and government entities. This event is organized by the Land Deals Politics Initiative (LDPI), which for over ten years has brought together over 500 participants, including academics, policymakers, and activists from more than 25 countries, to study and confront landgrabbing. The selection of Bogotá as the venue for 2024 stems from the significance of land debates on the Colombian public agenda. Click here to learn more about the Land Deals Politics Initiative.


Working papers

More than a decade ago, the Land Deals Politics Initiative (LDPI) was launched as a loose network of scholars and activists concerned about the rise of land, water and green grabs across the world and the consequences for rural livelihoods and agrarian relations. A massive wave of investment in land, resulting in expropriation and displacement had emerged following the financial, food and energy crises of 2008-09. 

The global debate around land deals has diminished in the last several years, but important research and political questions remain. What happened to the thousands of land grabs documented by researchers, non-governmental organisations, activist groups, news media, and aid agencies? What new configurations of land, labour and capital have emerged since? How has the rise of authoritarian, state-led populism and politics re-shaped the tensions between ‘foreignisation’ and extraction? 

This LDPI Working Paper Series includes work in progress presented at the 2024 Global Land Grabbing Conference in Bogotá, addressing urgent challenges related to land, water, and natural resource grabbing.

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