Change Finance, not the Climate In conversation with Oscar Reyes

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If we’re going to stop the climate catastrophe that is unfolding, we will need a radical overhaul of how many things work. Our financial system has played a big role in leading us to the brink of collapse, and must be completely overhauled if we are to stand a chance. What does a fair and responsible financial system look like?  How can we shift power to democratically accountable public enterprises that will move us more rapidly towards a fossil free world? 


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Further, in the wake of the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, how can changing finance and how it works help us to power a Just Transition?

 In this episode of the State of Power podcast, we speak to Oscar Reyes, who is an associate fellow on the Climate policy program  of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC. He’s written a book called “Change Finance, Not the Climate”, which looks at how we can change the financial system to address the climate emergency. 

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