Ecofeminism (1): A Powerful Vision Lavinia Steinfort in Conversation with Dr. Vandana Shiva

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36:37 minutes

In 1973, a group of women from Mandal village in the Himalayas in India “hugged” trees to prevent them from being felled.  When the loggers came, the women, led by Gaura Devi, surrounded the trees and chanted: “This forest is our mother’s home; we will protect it with all our might”. This was the beginning of what came to be known as the Chipko movement, which put a spotlight on ecofeminism.  Consequently, when many people hear the term ecofeminism, it is the image of those women hugging the  trees and fighting to save the forest that comes to mind. But what exactly is ecofeminism  and how and why is it such a powerful vision that may actually save our planet? 


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