Taking Health Back from Corporations


Publication date:
1:14:25 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed like never before the perils of governments handing over our right to health and life to corporations. The privatisation of our health has made millions of people vulnerable to infectious diseases and undermined the integrated public systems needed to coordinate an effective response.

This webinar brings healthcare experts together with activists at the forefront of struggles for equitable universal public healthcare from across the globe. Panelists speak about the changes that will be needed in terms of access to medicines, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare systems, and the global governance of health.

Organised by TNI and co-sponsored by AIDC, Focus on the Global South, Corporate Accountability International, People's Health Movement (PHM), Public Services International, Global Justice Now (GJN), RedLAM-Red Latinoamericana Acceso a Medicamentos, ABIA-Brazilian AIDS Interdisciplinary Association, and GTPI/Rebrip - Working Group on Intellectual Property.


  • Susan George, President of the Transnational Institute and author of 'Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations are Seizing Power' (2015).
  •  Kajal Bhardwaj, health and human rights lawyer, India
  •  Mark Heywood, Co-founder of Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa
  • Baba Aye, Health Office, Public Services International (PSI)
  • David Legge, People’s Health Movement representative

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