What makes a Revolution? The Arab Uprisings a Decade on In Conversation with Jamie Allinson

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57:00 minutes

About a decade ago, parts of the Arab world experienced great upheaval. The events that took place, and which continue to unfold to the present day, are not easily explained. In fact, to this day, and in light of subsequent uprisings, there is an ongoing attempt to fully understand what it is exactly that happened during what has been called the Arab Spring. Can these events be called revolutions? What is a revolution, and how does one determine whether it is successful or not? 


Podcast by

  • Jamie Allinson
  • Miriyam Aouragh

To tackle these questions and more,  TNI’s state of power Podcast presents  Jamie Allinson, who is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Edinburgh University, an activist and trade unionist, and author of the upcoming book:  The age of counter revolution: states and revolutions in the Middle East. Jamie is in conversation with Anthropologist, internet researcher, anti-racist campaigner, Miriyam Aouragh. 

This conversation is part of a series looking at the Arab Uprisings, a decade afterwards. 

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