David Fig


David Fig is a South African environmental sociologist, political economist, and activist. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, and specializes in questions of energy, the extractive industries, and corporate accountability. He chairs the board of Biowatch South Africa, which is concerned with food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture, and works closely with various environmental justice non-government organizations. Recent research on the South African sugar industry has contributed to the announcement of a tax on sugary soft drinks from 2017. David was recently part of an international team advising the Vietnamese congressional committee on science and technology on the full costs of nuclear. He is a member of the steering committee of the African Uranium Alliance serving communities affected by uranium mining and the rest of the nuclear fuel chain. Recent publications include work on environmental rights, nuclear procurement, nuclear waste, shale gas, the Biowatch case against Monsanto, asbestos, and poverty/development in the Karoo region of South Africa.

Recent and forthcoming publications (a fuller list on eeu.academia.edu):

Myers, A., D. Fig, J. Mandle, J. Myers & K Hofman (2015) Sugar and health
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