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Jerome Roos is a Fellow in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics, and author of The Rift newsletter.

Jerome Roos

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Jerome is a writer, scholar and activist from the Netherlands. He specializes in the political economy and global history of capitalism and its crises. Before joining the LSE in 2018, he briefly taught at the University of Cambridge. His first book, Why Not Default? The Political Economy of Sovereign Debt, was published by Princeton University Press and won the Immanuel Wallerstein Award for best book on the political economy of the world system. Jerome is currently working on his second book: a history of global crises that seeks to place our current moment in a long-term perspective. It will be published by Alfred A. Knopf in the US and by Fern Press/Vintage in the UK, and is set to be translated into 20 languages. 

Beside his academic work, Jerome regularly provides commentary on current affairs for various international media. He has written for The New York Times, The Guardian and New Statesman and has been interviewed by BBC World, Al Jazeera English and a number of other outlets. Between 2011 and 2022, he was the founding editor of ROAR Magazine. He now writes The Rift newsletter.

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